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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Alert! Crystal and Sin; Complete Edition free this coming week! (Updated)

Hi there! In celebration of the upcoming publication of my next self-published novel The Leviathan Chronicle; Genesis, I'm offering one of my older works for free this week. That work is the science fiction novel Crystal and Sin: Complete Edition. Here's the description for it;

A maiden created to be as pure as crystal; a former soldier lost in regret; an assassin torn between past and present; a man unhinged by dark tragedy; the self-proclaimed Empress of Sin. These five tales interweave to reveal the truth.

In the distant and peaceful future, the Empress of Sin begins her campaign of secret terror. After fending her off, four are chosen by the secretive Pro-Earth Committee to defend Earth’s power from outside threats: Crystal, Jirou, Danny Redfield, and Aiden Jonas. As they are sent on missions through the Solar System, it becomes clear that other powers are interested in both Crystal and the Empress. The stage is set for a showdown, where only true knowledge of the self will prevail...

Previously released in three volumes, Crystal and Sin: Complete Edition brings together the entire saga of Crystal, her friends, and their shadowy nemeses.

Originally $5.99 (£5.99) exclusively through Amazon, Crystal and Sin: Complete Edition will be free from April 16 to April 20.  The pre-order for The Leviathan Chronicle will go live shortly, but if you'd like to see samples ahead of time, the first two chapters can be found here (1) and here (2). The Leviathan Chronicle; Genesis will be releasing on May 3, 2018. The second and concluding volume will release later this year.


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