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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A Writer's Room with a View

Environment is crucial for a writer. Have an environments you're comfortable with, or you'll never be able to concentrate fully on your work. Either that, or something will impact your work on an invisible level, affecting its quality. It can be something as simple as keeping your environment at a sensible temperature, or finding something in which you can lose yourself.

For myself, I've got a view out across a long garden, with pines growing at regular intervals, and a clump of birches to the far right. Willows border either side of our yard, and the closest have hop intertwined in their branches. In the distance, now partially obscured by clouds, the highest mountains in England and Wales stare back at me. They're much more visible in winter, when there's less foliage blocking the way.

When I'm stuck, I find it useful to just look up and stare out at the world. It also helps if my head isn't in the best state for creating fictional happenings. Doesn't beat an actual walk in these glorious surroundings, another vital factor in maintaining your mental and physical health, but it does help for a brief respite before diving back into a complicated exchange of dialogue, or an action scene, or a piece of scene painting.

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  1. Thomas.
    Good thoughts, I could never see how some writers could write in coffee shops.
    Personally I have my writing room, closed off from the rest of the house. No phone, no T.V. and so no interruptions. Bill. L . Old Author.