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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Writers Online Talkback Forum: One Word Challenge - February 2017 - Word: Promise

There's a new trial thing happening on the Writers Online Talkback forum. It's called the One Word Challenge. Basically, you are given a word, and you create a short 200-word max story out of that word. This month, the word was "promise". I decided to have a go. Here's what I wrote. If anyone else wants to try, feel free.

"Sitting alone. Cold and dark. The light holding no warmth, the moon no beauty, the world no colour. That was the price of the promise. The promise not to reveal what she knew to anyone, ever. Any promise was a burden, but this one tore her soul apart, clawed at the depths of her being. She shrank into her bed covers, her hands gripping her forearms, her entire frame curling up into a ball like someone lost to the mountain snow. It was so dark, so cold. But it was high noon, a bright summer's day, the day she had agreed to make a promise. That promise tormented her now; why had she made such a foolish vow, so rashly agreed to keep silent until death. Stupid promise. She hated it."

If you're interested in further work of this kind, check out the last time I did something like this: 'FB3X Drabble Cascade #168 entry - "Stable Visitor"'. I've got a feeling these two might combine to form a story at some point. You never know.

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