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Friday, 17 June 2016

Day to Day, Week to Week

Been gardening today (ripping up intruding thistles and the like), after yesterday was a drought when it came to writing. Ice cream always does no good at all to my system. The type I have doesn't have additives in there, it's just quite high on sugar. I'm writing again now, and pushing on with my dark fantasy story (it's reached that stage where you need to plod through towards the final act without it sounding plodding when you read it). I'm also quite chuffed that I have had actual sales for my two published works so far. It's something that's not happened to me before. But then, I wasn't putting in the right amount of effort before. Still one more volume to do, then a complete edition with the usual corrections and alterations to make it the definitive version.

Things quiet here as I go into the weekend. Enjoyed looking at orchids on my local dunes yesterday, and there are some truly gorgeous species. Quite a glut of Bee Orchids, truly one of the definitive flowers of Britain. I'm an absolute nut on the subject of orchids, as my father is about trees and my sister is about lichens. I can look at something and tell within a few seconds what type of orchid it is. Unless it's not an orchid, but that goes without saying.

Sunshine today, and I would be roasting now if it weren't for a north wind which strips the heat right out of you if you're standing still. The plants are loving it, even the weeds, which means some parts of the garden look more like a jungle than a cultivated plot. Still, that comes with the territory. Here, on the cusp of a new week, I can look out at the world and feel content. Things are going fine for me.

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