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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

June 7: Trials and Tribulations

This has been one of those days. My writing has been returning at a much faster pace than my past go publishing. But some of the day was ruined by a panic attack induced by some toxic homemade ginger beer. My system is so infernally delicate for some things. On the plus side, I've been greatly enjoying doing some research into recreational Wikipedia writing, and enjoying a dramatization of PG Woodhouse's "Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves".

Had some spectacular thunder storms yesterday, passing overhead and forcing me to shut down and disconnect my computer to protect it from surges. Things were well and truly thunderous. I'm glad I got my walk out of the way before the rain and storms came along. Our dog was quite nervous with the rumbling overhead.

On, and on a side note, the second volume of Crystal and Sin, my three-part sci-fi short story saga, should be up on both Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace within the day. I've needed to do/will be doing some emergency maintenance to cover art due to my inexperience with handling CreateSpace. You'd think they'd have an idiot's guide, but no. Ho hum.

Anyway, things are pretty much set until July, when the third and final volume will be published. Not sure when the Compilation volume will appear. That's for the future.

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