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Friday, 27 May 2016

Release date announcement, and other jazz

Here I am, returning to write another post after some time away. This post will be part news, part promotion, part general chatter. It's a marvelous outlet, this blog.

The first piece of major news/promotion is that "Crystal and Sin, Vol. 2", the second volume of my adult science fiction story anthology (basically an anime turned into prose), is going to release on June 7, 2016. I've also got a release date for the third and final volume has also been pinned down. Just waiting for my sister Daisy to finish the cover art for the third volume. It's a tricky one, and she's preoccupied with writing tone poems and getting ready for university.

The second piece is the chatter relating to my recent visit to the dentist. Not good at the best of times, and when your head's a little gone with toxic cheese, it's even worse. Not that I knew the cheese was toxic at the time. Thankfully, the visit was over in a flash: complements about my prefect teeth, and being sent away with three extra months over most people. Due to the dentist appointment, this week appears to have gone by very slowly. Probably also the fact that I'm starting a new book, and I'm writing an opera libretto for my sister to work on. Along with all the other things I do around the house and garden.

Things are generally rosy for me, barring the chemical imbalances prompted by cheese and wheat and such. I've even got a little miniature garden to work on, with some Sempervivum, Artemisia, and Arenaria (don't know whether I've gotten the spelling right on all of them).

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