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Sunday, 8 May 2016

My first post: Pressure and sales

Hi there. This is my new blog, where I'll be pushing out random thoughts, giving you some access to my work as an author, and generally letting off some civilised steam.

First, I'll say this. Self-publishing is a lot of work. I mean, they tell you these things on advice sites and such, but it still doesn't prepare you for the admin involved. Sank about two days normal admin work into a few hours, and pretty much crashed for the rest of the day. Mind you, last time I tried, I was horribly blase about it. It's not even my one route, as I've got to keep my options open if I'm ever going to be a success. That's the world we live in, for better or worse.

Oh, and before I forget, best get promoting. If you're interested in mature, episodic sci-fi, then check out the first volume of my new novel "Crystal and Sin" (links below). The next two volumes are coming out over the next couple of months, with a complete edition following. I'm also planning on releasing stand-alone short stories.




UPDATE: Oh yes, the artwork. That was done by my sister, Daisy Wrightson. Mostly focusing on becoming an established composer and performer, she's also a very good artist. Mind you, the briefs I gave her weren't very helpful. The first draft of Volume 1's cover art had a giant humanoid robot rather than the mech you see now. The difficulty is that she can't draw people, so there's the necessity of finding non-people based scenes that she can adapt into cover art. Still, she's very good. She's hitting the atmosphere I want: Western sci-fi, with a touch of anime.

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