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Friday, 13 May 2016

My Week of Tension and Relaxation

Sitting here, writing this, watching an episode of Time Team, I'm fully aware of how much I've been in a state of tension since I published the first volume of "Crystal and Sin". After a couple of days feverishly looking over everything I could do to help promote it.

Basically, I ran myself ragged and didn't stop to take a break. I was on the brink: I even managed to give myself bloodshot eyes, something that's a relative rarity for me. It took my sister insisting that I stop for me to reconsider. I'm taking some time off normal writing for the sake of my health, but I'm still not giving up. I'll push forward, no matter what. I'm determined.

At the moment, alongside preparing for the eventual publication of Crystal and Sin's second volume, I'm working on what I can only describe as a sci-fi picaresque. My daring and independent heroine fills the role of a picaro. I'm also working slowly and carefully on a dark fantasy epic that will shock and awe.

I've done other things to stop myself from getting bored. I've created a miniature garden for myself that ended up thematically representing the Chinese concept of Wu Xing. I'm even helping in the family garden, which has become far more appealing than in earlier years for some reason. Wikipedia work helps me keep my writing muscles flexing.

To finish off, here's something I found very relaxing. Enjoy.

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